Petition Extend to UK citizens the family rights guaranteed for EU citizens in the UK.

In the Brexit negotiations, family rights for EU citizens were guaranteed including the right for non EEA family members to join them in the UK. This should be extended to include UK citizens who must meet income thresholds, huge visa fees + complex rules before non EEA family members can live here

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We support the family rights of Europeans in the UK.
But currently UK citizens must earn £18600 to bring a non EEA spouse or partner to the UK. This rises by £3800 to bring a child here + £2600 for each subsequent child.
UK citizens must pay thousands of pounds of visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge for our non EEA family members.
If we make any mistakes on our visa forms our family members must leave the UK and appeal from overseas.
We demand parity with European citizens in the UK.

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