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When State Pension Age (SPA) is reviewed, the underlying principle is that the proportion of adult life spent over SPA should be constant. At first the target proportion was up to 33.3%. Government now wants to reduce this to 32%. The 33.3% target must be maintained or SPA will rise for millions.

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The principle of "up to one third" of adult life over State Pension Age (SPA) was announced in the 2013 Autumn Statement.

But in July the Secretary of State said "Government is minded to commit to ‘up to 32%’ as the right proportion”.

Under the original principle, SPA reaches 68 by April 2041 and 69 by April 2055. Under the new approach it would be 11 and 13 years earlier respectively and 70 by April 2056.

Unless the original target is retained, millions of people will have a higher SPA.

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