Closed petition Reinstate the rail link from Poulton le Fylde to Fleetwood Lancashire

The rail link was closed in 1980’s. There is a need in Fleetwood for decent transport links on the grounds of deprivation and poor economy. People have to travel for an hour during rush hour to get to the nearest station 5 miles away. Commuter rail is essential to rebuild our economy.

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Fleetwood is on a peninsula and since the 1970’s has been in decline. We now have a division one football club, the only one with no rail link, and things are on the up though people cannot get in and out of town for university and work due to its positioning on the Fylde coast. We are a beautiful town with an amazing coastline which we cannot share properly due to poor transport links. Most of the track is in place just no trains running. Fleetwood has great potential please help it thrive.

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