Petition Increase the sentence for failure to stop after a fatal road traffic collision

My brother, Andy Lindup, was killed in a hit and run in Dec 2016. By the time the driver was arrested, it was too late to breathalyse him and gather evidence for a charge of dangerous driving for which he could have faced up to 14 years in prison. Instead he got just 6 months for failure to stop.

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The sentence for failing to stop after a fatal road collision must be made equal to the maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving. Otherwise, there is absolutely no incentive for drivers to stop. Why would anyone stop if they knew they could face 14 years as opposed to just 6 months? My family will never know if the driver who killed my brother was under the influence or not. If he wasn’t, maybe he would have stopped if the law was different. If he was, then the law has let him escape justice.

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