Petition Make BRCA testing a choice for females over 30 on the NHS and more info given

My dearest friend sadly passed away from ovarian cancer but with no family history her doctor misdiagnosed her for 18 months. If more training and information was given to doctors or a BRCA test was done she might of still been here today and lived a life with her husband and little boy

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Stats of ovarian & cervical cancer is shockingly different, according to Cancer Research UK, 7378 ovarian cancer cases in 2016 which lead to 4128 deaths with a survival rate of 34% & cervical cancer 3224 cases in 2016 with 890 deaths with a survival rate of 63%

Due to the fact you are screened every 3 years and doctors are aware of the symptoms for cervical cancer so have a greater change of catching it early, however you are only tested for BRCA if ovarian or breast cancer runs in the family.

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