Petition Invest more money in youth charities and youth service providers in the UK.

There is a profound reduction in services for young people resulting from funding cuts. With huge pressures on all local authority budgets, these cuts won’t be reversed. We have to support the organisations who help young people from areas with high levels of deprivation and low income backgrounds.

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Since 2012, in London alone at least £22 million has been cut from council youth service budgets and 12,700 places for young people have been lost. The average council has cut its youth service budget by nearly £1 million, an average of 36%. (London's Lost Youth Services, 2017).

Across the country more than 1 in 10 think their life will amount to nothing, no matter how hard they try. 42% of young people feel traditional goals like getting a steady job are unrealistic (Prince's Trust, 2017).

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