Rejected petition We would like to request for Parliament to reduce the voting age to 16+.

At 16, people may pay income tax, join the Armed Forces, and start a family. They take their GCSEs, which play a large part in determining their future. And yet they still cannot vote. They have no say in how their money is spent, and are still deemed too immature to hold the responsibility.

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Given the amount people are legally allowed to do at 16, it seems undemocratic and illogical that they are still denied the right to vote. A key argument against 16 year olds gaining this right seems to be that they simply are not mature enough to vote responsibly, and yet if they can supposedly raise a child, something far more difficult than filling out a small slip of paper, it seems ludicrous to suggest that they would not be able to vote in an educated manner. 60.5% of those asked agreed.

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