Rejected petition Make religious studies an optional GCSE in catholic schools.

Catholic schools at the minuite do not make the religious studies gcse exam optional to students. The current Religous studies exam is made up of 2 sections, one with 6 topics and the other with 4. However not all topics will show up on the GCSE exam, therefore extra stress is put on the pupils.

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Although there’s the argument of ‘well if you don’t want to do the exam don’t go to a catholic school’, this however is not at all a valid point as schools can only capacitate for a certain number of pupils therefore a large majority of catholics that do not have a belief in god have no option but to attend a catholic school and have no option wether or not to face an exam that could potentially be a massive anomaly on your GCSE results sheet and effect your future.

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It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.

This is a choice for individual schools, not the UK Government or Parliament.

You could raise this with your school's governing body.

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