Rejected petition a Call to instigate a vote of no confidence in the present SNP Government

From the information in the public domain which is destroying the people’s will to react anymore, this is due to the unethical and bullying tactics which the present government is employing. They are charged with interfering in police and public safety matters to the detriment of the Nationals hear.

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With pending exit from the EU the encumbant Government have little experience or accumin to control our fishing grounds, they have made a complete mockery out of our farmers and can be seen to be incompetent in handling large sums of money.
The claims which are in the public domain on waste of public funds stands at £100.000. I consider this to be on the short side.who knows how much more grief will be caused by the integration of the BTP, asking the firemen to train as first aiders and work on terrorist.

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