Rejected petition Lift Tyler the creator's ban from entering and performing in the UK

In 2015, Tyler Gregory Okonma, aka, Tyler, the creator, was banned from entering and performing in the UK because of lyrics that he wrote in 2009. Why is it fair to ban him for lyrics that he wrote years before he even got banned, He was in the country 8 weeks before the ban and had no problems.

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Why ban him and not people that talk about much worse? He has alter-egos just like authors have characters in a book, are we going to start banning authors from the UK just because their characters are too violent or might offend people? His latest release Flower Boy does not talk about any of the topics he got banned for and even got nominated for a Grammy but he is still banned from the UK. Help the fight against this attack on free speech and lift the ban on a very talented young musician.

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