Closed petition Ban websites from publishing videos that lead children to harm themselves

I lost my 14 year old son Jack Pickles to a craze called “The Choking “Game” / “Passing Out Challenge”. He died because he watched this so-called "game” on the internet and decided to try it. Children don't realise that these videos are often fake or can harm them or worse lead them to their deaths.

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I want to raise awareness of how dangerous these crazy upload fads can be. There are 12+ children I know that have died because of this “Choking Game” / “Passing Out Challenge” more children are getting hurt either though the same craze or other crazy games kids believe are safe.
Hundreds of children have been hurt, scarred for life or suffered life changing injuries because they see people's “Games” and think they can do the same thing because the uploader is ok. We need to keep our children safe

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