Petition Prevent developers & land speculators from “gaming the system” in UK housing.

Change the five year land supply to develop the right number of houses in the right places in accordance with a sustainable, relevant and up-to-date Local Plan.
Introduce a local measure of pipeline & delivery of homes to ensure that non-performing developers or land speculators can be identified.

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Putting the right homes in the right places:
Where an LPA can openly show a supply of undelivered housing or land that exceeds a six year horizon to cover local population growth, there shall be no rights of appeal on the basis of land supply.
Measuring the pipeline and delivery of homes:
Where new homes aren’t registered with the LPA at a rate in accordance with plans set out and agreed with that LPA, then DCLG shall have the right to declare the developers / land speculators as non-performing.

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