Rejected petition Pilot training should be made free for trainees

With more and more people travelling in the air its becoming increasingly apparent that more pilots need to be recruited to cope with this demand. However pilot training costs roughly £100,000 and this is not possible for many *continued on "more details"*

More details

This price prevents many potentially good pilots from applying as they cannot afford it. Therefore making it free for them allows them to become a pilot. This reduces their stress levels as they will not have to worry about this cost while training and will also mean that the pilots' skills will be better as only the best will be permitted to continue. However the sum will have to be paid after the trainee completed their training over a given time period.

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We're not sure exactly what you'd like the Government or Parliament to do.

We're not sure whether you'd like UK pilots' funding to be entirely funded by the UK Government, or whether you would like people training to be pilots to be given a loan to cover their fees, which they then pay back after completing their training.

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