Petition To instigate signage and digital displays directing to the nearest defibrillator

Studies show that the public are often not aware of where the nearest defibrillator is should a cardiac arrest occur. Although provided with directions when making a 999 call, the person may not have local knowledge. Precious time could be wasted in locating the defibrillator.

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Cardiac charity SADS UK believes community defibrillators should have signposts to direct people to quickly access this lifesaving equipment. Roadside signage posts could be used, also digital information boards at bus shelters and rail stations.
Initially 999 must be dialled to despatch the ambulance; the rescuer uses directions given to locate the nearest defibrillator. Rescuers seeing a sign giving directions to the defibrillator will be assured they are heading in the right direction, saving precious minutes in reaching the defibrillator.

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