Rejected petition Allow student nurses to earn a wage while on clinical placement for the NHS

student nurses are not getting the funding needed to continue their studies.
They’re asked to work 37.5 hours p/w voluntary for 6 weeks and this has to be done on 8 separate occasions over the course of 3 years. That is 1,800 hours of voluntary work while also studying for exams and writing essays

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The point I am trying to make is that student nurses are not given the time or the means to be able to earn a living or enough money to live on. Student finance expect them to have funding from their family or take into consideration the last 3 years of income. Funnily enough, if youve had too low an income in them last 3 years you don’t qualify for a substantial amount of maintance. Which is also a loan. The university also asks students to only work 10 hrs p/w paid.
This is not livable.

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