Petition Require DEFRA to fund research into the cause/s of Alabama Rot (CRGV) in dogs

Alabama Rot (CRGV) is a disease causing skin lesions, kidney failure and death in dogs. Now throughout mainland Britain, with no evidence as to the cause, prevention or treatment.
DEFRA should be required to commission, fund and oversee a research effort to identify the cause of this disease.

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Many dog owners are living in fear of Alabama Rot infecting their beloved pets. There were 11 new confirmed cases reported to the public on Monday 26/02/18. There is no evidence of any coordinated research project into the cause of the disease, no responsible organism identified and no research based advice on prevention. There is no known cure.
DEFRA has a responsibility for the welfare of animals in Britain and should coordinate, fund and oversee research into what is killing Britains dogs.

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