Closed petition Make it mandatory for sunbed shops to display signs showing skin cancer symptoms

I was recently diagnosed with a form of skin cancer malignant melanoma at the age of 28. I was an avid sunbed user. Sunbed businesses have a duty of care to their customers and it should be mandatory for sunbed businesses to display signage showing skin cancer symptoms. This would help save lives.

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The health case for the request of the change in the law is clear: skin cancer incidence is increasing.There are around 136,000 non-melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK every year (2013-2015) however IRAC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) agrees there is sufficient evidence to show that using sunbeds causes Melanoma skin cancer, the most serious form. Malignant melanoma can spread to other organs and is responsible for the most deaths. In 2015 there were over 15,906 incidences of malignant melanoma in the UK and 2459 deaths. Showing those most at risk what symptoms to look for will save lives.

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