Closed petition Make home to school disabled transport free for young adults aged 16 to 19

I am a parent of a child with a disability. She begins college in 2019 and has no choice but to travel to one approx. 30 minutes drive away. This is our local SEN college and transport will cost over £900pa.
I ask to review this legislation to ensure that all children can access a free education.

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Disabled home to school transport provided by the local authority is free for children up to age 16 as outlined in current disabled legislation. However after 16 this is no longer the case although it is compulsory for a child to stay in a form of education until they are 18. Many children with disabilities stay until 19+. This begs the question as to why disabled school transport is payable after 16. It isn’t means tested and families on low income/benefits will still have to pay up to £900+pa.

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