Petition Routinely test pregnant women for infections such as Group B Strep and more.

October 2017 the devastating news no parents want to here “your daughters heartbeat has gone”. I was suffering with an infection and Sepsis, while showing no early symptoms no one could of known I was ill with an infection, until they did a swab whilst in labour.

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During pregnancy infections can be deadly to both baby and the mother, if my infection was picked up sooner It possibly could of been prevented and antibiotics could of been provided.

Infections during pregnancy are common such as Staphylococcus aureus and Group B Streptococcus. The NHS don’t routinely swab for any infections. If I had been tested around my due date when I'd been given the option to have an examination my infection possibly could of been prevented and any other infections could of possibly been picked up. If an examination is being taken place then a swab could be conducted to pick up any possible infections and stop babies, mothers becoming ill and prevent these types of stillbirths.

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