Closed petition Stop pets being sold online. Many are by breeders, pup farmers, dog theft gangs.

This would drastically cut down this crime and animals being sourced as bait. Rescues don’t sell, but charge a fee, in most cases won’t cover the vets bills. Rescue are full to bursting, due to all these criminals who steal pets etc. I’m a member of many who’ll back me on this.

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A good breeder only has pups if asked, I know one and they are in total agreement on this.
They have a web page but don’t sell pups on it. People get their pups,either through the kennel club or word of mouth.
There’s no way of regulating this, it’s a great outlet for those who just see these animals as objects to make money from. The only way to help put a stop to it altogether is to make it illegal!!
Online is mainly how puppy farming, back yard breeders sell the manly sickly pups they breed.
People’s pets are mainly stolen to either sell online or backyard breed from them.

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