Closed petition On exit of EU, enact law to require rabies titer for dogs entering without owner

An estimated 30,000 dogs from the EU enter the UK each year as commercial imports. In 2013 the number was 1,869. The majority of dogs are "rescue dogs", up to 50 in a van, from Romania, Bosnia, Serbia & Bulgaria. Many with falsified passports and have not been vaccinated against rabies nor wormed.

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Barnaby's Law, is a campaign named after my dog, bought in the UK & now in quarantine. We're not against re-homing from EU but diseases we eradicated or never had are on the increase. A rabies titer test result, obtained before travel, should be required for all dogs not travelling on the pet passport scheme and within 5 days of their owner. To prevent the possibility of fake titer results,chip readers should be available for use at UK BIP's and the chip number checked against the FAVN database.

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