Closed petition Serious injury by dangerous driving should carry a minimum of 5 years in prison!

My nephew was an unfortunate casualty of this. He was 2 at the time when a careless, selfish driver thought it is more important to use his phone whilst driving. He ran a red light at knocked out my dad and nephew. The result, my nephew being severely brain damaged and now needed 24 hour care!

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The driver pleaded guilty to the offence and then further found guilty of using his phone. The sentence given - 2 year suspended sentence for each count (2 counts). The boy full of life will never live a normal life, the family will never have their once happy, full of life, playful son!
The driver has got off with a slap on the wrist and will live a normal life, whereas the boy and his family will live with a life sentence!
The sentence should change and carry a minimum of 5 years in prison!

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