Closed petition Grant Bees legal protection under The Animal Welfare Act 2006.

We have over 250 species of Bee in the UK, all playing a role in our eco-system, food chain and agricultural success. Since the 1980's the Bee population has declined, which, if left to continue will have an untold impact on the mental, physical and economical welfare of everyone in the UK.

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Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 an animal is only granted legal protection if it is a Vertebrate. This leaves Bees with very little in the way of physical or environmental protection.
Classing Bees as a species to be protected under the AWA 2006, means better action against those who threaten the population, whether they be individuals or industries, in the long term providing a better quality of life for us as a species, as well as the numerous native species we share our country with.

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