Petition Fund life saving Immunotherapy for lung cancer patients to more than 2 years

Currently Pembrolizumab (immunotherapy) is only an option for 24 months if you have lung cancer. If you have Melanoma it is given until it either stops working or the side effects become too much, no time limit.

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Lung cancer is a bigger killer yet after 24 months they take the option away

I believe I am possibly the 1st or one of the first to reach the 2 years on this. When I was given it, it was my last hope as chemotherapy did not work and I was not that well at all. I went on this as an early trial in June 2016 as a last hope! had my last treatment in June 2018. I was originally given 6 to 12 months to live. But this has given me brilliant results and extra time with my kids and family. Now it has been taken away with nothing else offered. More people will be in this situation very soon. We all need help, if you could sign and share this I would be so grateful.

We just want to be able to spend more time with our families. Thank you

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