Petition Remove compulsory GCSE English and maths resits for 16-18 year olds students

Compulsory GCSE resits do not apply to Apprentices or T Level students who may be enrolled on Functional Skills. Teachers should be allowed to select the most appropriate type of English and maths qualification for a students' onward progression, rather than being mandated by a Condition of Funding

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Government must change this failed and costly policy which shows that three-quarters of young people who failed to achieve a GCSE in English and maths at age 16, have still not achieved them by age 19 despite multiple attempts. FE professionals should be allowed to choose the most appropriate qualification linked to a student's intended destination. The AoC, AELP, and ASCL have called for the policy to be scrapped, with Ofsted stating that there are "serious questions" about it. Let's change it!

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