Petition Hold a public inquiry into the decision to incentivise diesel cars & its effects

In 2001 the government decided to link car tax (VED) to CO2 emissions. In 2002 company car tax also became emissions-based. People were encouraged by such incentives to buy diesel cars, yet owners of even relatively new diesels now face draconian extra taxes, parking surcharges, even effective bans.

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Millions of car owners who chose diesels encouraged by government now face harsh surcharges for parking, road tax, company tax and 'low emissions zones' effectively banning their use entirely, even for cars purchased as recently as 2015. Local surcharges and restricted zones are expanding across the UK. Such an extreme u-turn in policy is unacceptable abuse of public authority and must stop, pending an inquiry to examine how past errors can be prevented and those affected instead treated fairly.

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