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The Chair of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, said officials must ensure drugs don’t run out if there’s no Brexit deal. The Government is stockpiling medicines. This is not acceptable. Patients with long-term conditions need medication immediately or they could die.

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We can't wait. Our supply of vital meds MUST be guaranteed. Some patients with long-term conditions need medication immediately or they could die. We can't wait. Our supply of vital meds MUST be guaranteed.
Diabetic-ketoacidosis has to be treated IMMEDIATELY with INSULIN otherwise the patient could DIE. This is just one example. Diabetes is the tip of the iceberg. Many other patients, asthmatics, for example, rely on life-saving medication imported from the EU. They can't wait whilst it's stuck at the port.

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Government responded

This response was given on 23 November 2018

Government is working with pharmaceutical companies, the MHRA and the NHS to ensure the supply of critical medicines so that patients continue to receive the high standards of care that they expect.

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No matter what the outcome of the negotiations, on issues of patient
safety and public health the UK will be, as it always has been, a willing
and reliable partner for Europe. It is in all our interests to ensure a
continued and undisrupted supply of medicine to the UK.

While the chances of ‘no deal’ have been reduced considerably, the
Government will continue to do the responsible thing and prepare for all
eventualities, in case a final agreement cannot be reached. Extensive
work to prepare for a ‘no deal’ scenario has been underway for over two
years and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the country
continues to operate smoothly from the day we leave. Our objective is to
minimise disruption by taking unilateral action to prioritise continuity and
stability, wherever possible and appropriate to do so.

We have been speaking directly to industry across the medical supply
chain, from pharmaceutical trade bodies to storage providers, so
patients can still access medicines in exactly the same way as they do
now. The public can have confidence in the Government’s plans for
continuity of medicines supply in the unlikely event of a ‘no deal’
scenario. The Government has asked pharmaceutical companies that
supply medicines to UK patients from, or via, Europe to ensure they
have a minimum of six weeks additional supply in the UK, over and
above their business as usual operational buffer stocks, by 29th March
2019. There will be separate arrangements for the air freight of
medicines with short shelf-lives, such as medical radioisotopes. Since
writing to pharmaceutical companies, we have received good
engagement from the industry who share our aim of maintaining
continuity of medicines supply.

We understand that medicines like insulin are vitally important to millions
of people in this country and we continue working closely with
companies to ensure that stockpiles of medicines are sufficient to cope
with any potential short term delays at the border, in the event that there
is ‘no deal’.

Our contingency plans include sensible mitigations for medicines that
come to the UK from or via the EU, such as precautionary stockpiling by
suppliers, to ensure that the supply of insulin and other essential
medicines to patients is not disrupted.

Department for Exiting the European Union

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