Closed petition Introduce work-based subjects and practical skills into the schools in the UK.

Many children and are choosing to live a life surrounded by the streets, drugs, and murders. This stems from poor education, the education system in the UK is outdated and boring. There needs to be a change to help children, give them confidence and knowledge of work skills.

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Why are children still having to learn about the history of the Victorian times and write tons of uninteresting and difficult paperwork, when they could be learning skills of the trade? Maybe they want to be an electrician, which involves mathematical and practical skills. Introducing work-based subjects or practical skills into secondary schools will keep them interested and willing to learn rather than misbehave or drop out of school. An education system they are interested in will give them the knowledge and the confidence to leave secondary education knowing exactly what they are good at, exactly where they want to go after leaving school and are comfortable proceeding a lifelong career and keep them off the streets.

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