Closed petition Abolish the out dated 'ONE MILE RULE' in the dispensing of medication in England

A Dickensian rule was set in the early nineteen hundreds which states that Doctors prescribe and Apothecaries dispense. Doctors could only dispense if the patient lived more than a mile from the Apothecary (as the crow flies) due to Doctors staff not being qualified.

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Now in the 21st century,Doctors dispensing staff are as qualified in all aspects of dispensing and services as the Chemists.The One Mile Rule should now be abolished to fit the NHS White Paper headed PATIENT CHOICE,so that ALL patients in practices throughout the country have the option to choose where they would like their medications dispensed be,it Retail,Online or Doctors Dispensaries.
Therefore by abolishing the ONE MILE RULE, the Government will adhere to the heading of the NHS White Paper

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