Petition Guaranteed help at A&E to prevent avoidable deaths from suicide

When you feel suicidal in the UK, doctors tell you to go to A&E. What you will find there is based on luck: will you find compassion? Or will you be judged and turned away? A majority of the time, the latter. Asking for help can be a turning point for individuals in crisis.

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There should be a nation-wide, guaranteed response to individuals seeking help for suicidal thoughts and feelings in our hospitals.

The following procedure should be guaranteed as a standard response:

1. The contemplation of suicide or signs of severe mental distress is classified as a medical emergency.
2. The individual is processed on-site immediately.
3. The individual is taken to a “Calm Room”.
4. ‘Suicide Guarantee’ trained staff member speaks with the individual with attentive compassion.
5. A specialist professional involves the individual in creating a written plan to assure their immediate safety and ongoing treatment and/or support.

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