Closed petition To ban to use of deep confinement booths in schools.

Deep confinement or isolation booths are used in many Primary and Secondary Schools as part of a Behaviour Management Strategy. The use of these booths is unregulated and unreported. They are a breach of the UN charter on the rights of the child.

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Deep confinement booths have been removed from custodial settings. Recent evidence shows that in 500 schools using isolation booths 200 children had spent more than 5 days in isolation in the past year. There is no evidence that these booths or extended isolation have any positive effect on behaviour. There is a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

We believe that the booths are full of children with SEND and will be disproportionately occupied by BAME children also.

The campaign is not against removal or separation. Neither is it about desk dividers. We want the booths outlawed and regulation of isolation for all schools.

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