Petition Change the law on EV charging so people in terraced homes can also benefit

We want EV owners who live in a property without a private driveway or garage to be given the right to install a home charger and run a concealed cable across the pavement outside their home, as well as benefit from the government grant of £500 for installing a domestic charging unit.

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The only way for the UK to reach its targets on air pollution and replacing vehicles that are harming the planet is to give everyone the right to charge their cars at home. There’s a national average of 8 EVs per 1 charging point in the UK. We must do more to encourage home charging.

Andersen is calling for:
1.Clarity – force every council to make the rules of on-street home charging clear.
2.Debate – To find a way forward for on-street home charging to become legal, so drivers can run a concealed cable across the pavement outside their homes.
3.Fairness – Those installing home chargers for on-street parking receive the same benefits and discounts as those with driveways or garages.

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