Closed petition Mechanism for second Brexit Referendum that will resolve the current stalemate

The 'Leave' Campaign won the first referendum but there was little definition about what 'Leave' meant and now there is no agreement about what to do next.

The Conservatives are split, no-one knows what Labour want and the Liberals are irrelevant.

We have a stalemate and we need a way out.

More details

We need a new referendum offering the 3 options of Hard Brexit, Theresa May's Deal and Remain. The successful option would need to be supported by all MP's

We need to avoid splitting the Remain or Leave votes across the 'Middle Option'.

Voters would get a 1st and 2nd choice in the vote. If no option wins greater than 50% of the 1st choice votes then the lowest scoring option would be eliminated and the 2nd choice votes from that option counted.

All options represented with one clear winner

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