Petition Introduce mandatory measures to prevent reselling/euthanasia of dogs

A healthy dog was euthanised by a Rescue. The registered Rescue Back Up was not contacted/advised of his imminent destruction. Had the vet scanned for a microchip it would have shown the person requesting euthanasia was not the registered keeper. Dual contact details on rescues should be mandatory.

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It should be mandatory for vets to scan any dog not registered with their surgery using scanners which detect ALL types of microchip before treating the dog unless treatment is urgent. If asked to euthanise a dog who is not registered the vet should be required to take all reasonable steps to contact the owner. The new measure will protect rescue centre dogs from pet flipping/selling on/euthanasia by enforcing the adoption contract. It will also protect stolen and abandoned dogs whose identity will have to be checked before treatment

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