Petition Impose trade sanctions on Japan in response to decision to leave IWC agreement.

The Japanese have announced that they are once again going to allow commercial whaling. This plan will, beginning summer 2019 will permit the brutal harpooning of beautiful, intelligent and endangered mammals such as the Minke Whale. The dead animals will be used in sushi, candles and jewellery.

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In 1982 the IWC (International Whaling Commission) decided there should be a pause in commercial whaling of all whale species. This pause remains in place today. Japan has announced it will begin commercial whaling in June 2019 against the 1982 IWC agreement. UK Secretary for Environment, Michael Gove said Britain would "continue to fight for the welfare of these majestic mammals". To demonstrate this "fight" the UK government should, with immediate effect, impose trade sanctions on Japan.

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