Closed petition Change non-medical prescribing laws, allowing RODP's to Independently Prescribe

The NHS is constantly evolving and developing news roles for the HCP is vital, we see an increased shortage of Doctors placing demands higher to fulfil the expectations of patients needs.
Changing the prescribing laws to allow RODP's who are registered with the HCPC to prescribe will help

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RODP's are qualified Allied Health Professionals and registered with the HCPC. The role has developed immensely and now this profession is able to access the MSc in advanced clinical practice. However, they are significantly restricted in this role, as they are unable to prescribe essential medicines, like the colleagues they work alongside and perform the exact same role (such as RN's, Paramedics & physiotherapists) This would benefit those practitioners (ODP's) in extended roles such as the ACP

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