Closed petition Intruduce Commercial Dog Walking to be a licensed and inspected profession

Commercial dog walking has become massive in recent years and it would appear that nothing is required to practice. Some do provide excellent service to help our dogs have a better life whilst we are at work etc however there are many who walk no limit of dogs, do not clean up and intimidate others.

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Whilst using the South Downs on a regular basis I come across many dog walkers. They walk up to 8 dogs individually & not all on leads. Myself & my dog find when the dogs approach intimidating & quite often do not clear up after the dogs or have control. Something needs to be put in place for the sake of the general public who want to walk their dogs without the worry of feeling intimidated when walking the downs or any public space. Kennels & Boarders are licenced & inspected & must be trained & insured to protect OUR pets.A license should be a requirement to allow Authorities to inspect vehicles used to transport dogs, check on insurance and the walkers experience. Numbers walked commercially must also be limited.

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