Closed petition Urge Russia to free British Citizen Paul Whelan from Moscow Prison

Our brother and cousin, Paul Whelan, a loyal, compassionate and loving member of our family, was arrested in Moscow on December 28th and is currently being held at the high security Lefortovo prison.

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Paul regularly travels across the globe and has enjoyed visiting Russia as he has a keen interest in the language and culture. On this occasion he travelled to Moscow to attend a friend’s wedding and has been arrested on suspicion of spying. Paul is NOT a spy. We are extremely worried about him and want to see his immediate release.

Due to the workings of the Russian court system, he could be held for years before a trial or sentencing. His family in both the United Kingdom and the United States are working behind the scenes to ensure that Paul has access to legal representation and that his basic needs are met. He is currently being held in isolation and we fear for his mental health.

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