Closed petition Make advertising for paid lifts illegal unless it's through a licensed operator.

Illegal paid 'lifts' are being offered on social media. Groups have been set up on FB offering 'lifts that are cheaper than a taxi'. Legitimate private/public hire drivers are DBS checked. Their cars are tested to make sure they are roadworthy. These are in place to protect members of the public.

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Legally, if being paid to transport someone via a motor vehicle, hire and reward insurance must be in place. This is only available to licensed drivers who hold a badge issued by their local authority. Unlicensed 'paid lifts' aren't insured. This puts the public at risk & the general response from the police &/or LA is that there is nothing they can do. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt in an accident or attacked. Those advertising unlicensed lifts should be prosecuted

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