Closed petition Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products

As Muslims we are commanded to eat Halal (Permissible) & Tayyib (wholesome and pure). Modern farming methods are not compatible with Islam & the Quran. We would like a law to protect the Halal consumer and clear labelling. This will support the on going Government initiative for meat labelling laws.

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We propose
-New Law to protect what can be labelled Halal
-Update WATOK guidelines to include Tayyib; High Animal Welfare & rearing standards (Organic,Non-intensive,Non Stun)
-To perform Halal slaughter on permissible animals reared according to Quranic principles, slaughter men need to be Muslim, affiliated to an organisation(TBA)licensed & trained in hand slaughtering. They must recite full prayer (tasmiyah) to each animal, ensuring each one does not see another or the knife being sharpened.

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