Petition Provide extra funding for children with type 1 diabetes in primary schools.

My name is Marissa and I'm a school girl who has type1 diabetes. I think primary children with type1 should get additional funding in schools to pay for the extra adults we need in school, on trips and on overnight residentials who help keep us alive and healthy.

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If a child with type1 goes on a school trip/over night residential the school has to provide extra staff in order to take care of the child properly. In school the child also requires extra 1:1 time from an adult at least 3 times a day (normally more). Families do get disability living allowance, but this doesn't cover all the costs. The current estimate of prevalence of type 1 diabetes in children in the UK is 1 per 700–1,000. 65.6% of type 1 children are under the age of 14(

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