Petition Bring renewable fuels like E85 (Bio ethanol) to UK petrol stations

The Government should support company's (BP,Shell,Supermarket fuel suppliers, and others) to bring in and produce Ethanol fuels like E85 in the UK, and supply it at a cost lower then petrol.

This can be done via tax incentives or grants or how ever the government sees fit to do so.

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As the governments moves to replace Diesel cars with petrol and electric car. more effort should also be given towards renewable fuels. bio ethanol can be produced by food waste products and improve vehicle emissions, solving two problems at once.

Vehicle manufactures can easily upgrade cars to run E85 and bio ethanol. All that is required is the installation of a flex fuel sensor and software upgrade. You will find that many variants of cars sold in the UK have this sensor installed in Europe. The cost of the sensor is as low as £50

This would be a good step forwards in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. There has been great success with this in country's like Brazil and Australia

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