Closed petition Review Motorhome Driving Licence for Parkinson’s sufferers and over 70s

Under existing rules motorhomes are grouped with lorries and buses by the DVLA. This means drivers with motorhomes who have Parkinson’s disease or over 70 are subject to an assessment which comes at a financial cost.

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This is illogical as vehicles classified as “cars with trailers” can weigh more than motorhomes – up to 8 tonnes – yet don’t require this assessment.

1. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease your C1 / C1E entitlements to drive a motorhome should remain, unless a GP / Consultant says otherwise, and be reviewed on a 3-yearly basis, as per B / BE.
2. Medium-sized vehicles C1 / C1E, such as motorhomes, should be treated the same as Cars B / BE, with a possible weight restriction on 6-7 tonnes. (Create a separate category under Class 1 – Leisure vehicles).
3. At 70 you should retain your C1 / C1E to drive a motorhome unless a GP / Consultant says otherwise.

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