Petition Request a Royal Commission to review Parliamentary and electoral systems of U.K.

Brexit chaos has highlighted that our electoral system is not fit for purpose. Huge amounts of electorate do not feel represented. From First Past the Post vs Prop Repres to selection of candidates and ‘life qualifications’ to ‘none of the above’ with repercussions rather than spoiling ballot paper.

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I ran None of the Above petition and many asked why not spoil paper. It seems disrespectful to our democracy. What’s wrong with option for None of the Above and if won, move to re-open nominations so constituency can remove a sitting MP.
Another point was to move to mandatory voting - could be with NoTA?
Procedures re resignations and by-elections need review.
Parl procedures seem so out of date.
In order to heal UK from Brexit division people need to feel confident in democratic processes.

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Government responded

This response was given on 26 April 2019

In line with the result of the Parliamentary Voting System referendum in 2011, the Government will not request a Royal Commission to review our electoral system.

The Government’s view is that the First Past the Post system is well-established and effective. In each constituency, candidates are elected to represent the views of their constituents and in each case a candidate for whom more people voted than for any of the alternatives is elected. The current system is well-understood by the electorate; it provides a clear and well-understood link between constituents and their representative in Parliament.

In 2011 the United Kingdom conducted a referendum on whether the voting system to elect Members of Parliament should be changed from First Past the Post. Electors voted overwhelmingly against changing the system. Over thirteen million people, more than two-thirds of those who voted, voted in favour of retaining First Past the Post. In-line with that result and with its manifesto commitment, the Government does not have plans to change the voting system.

Cabinet Office.

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The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) met recently and considered the Government’s response to this petition. They felt that the response did not directly address the request of petition and have therefore written back to the Government to ask them to provide a revised response.

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