Petition Exempt people born and raised in the UK from deportation/revocation of leave

People who were born to parents who are not British, raised and have always lived in the UK (to adulthood - over 18), should be exempt from deportation/revocation of leave regardless of whether they have committed an offence or for any other reason that may be raised by the Home Office or law.

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I was born and grew up here and have always lived here, but due to my mum not being British, I wasn't automatically a citizen, which we were both unaware of. Due to me going to prison at 19, I was issued a deportation order. Years later after winning my case, a revocation of my indefinite leave was issued even though I hadn’t re-offended and use my experience to help youths going down the wrong path.
I am currently on limited leave and due to sharing my story, many people have shared their story to.
My story from Brent council:

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