Rejected petition Stop HS2

HS2 was originally had a budget of £32.7 billion then £56 billion but some are expecting for it to cost up to £90 billion.
The government could use this money to advance existing lines, stop Austerity and Knife Crime.

Aswell as the government, taxpayers could pay £80 Billion.

More details

The railway will destroy 7000 acres of land, 900 houses, 1000 businesses and 60 woodlands.
Historic Houses in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire will also be demolished.

HS2 is mainly targeted at wealthier business men and women that will need to be at one of the cities quicker.
Many commuters could pay less but just for a longer journey.
There will be no guarantee that HS2 will be a success and prices may be expensive.

If we stop HS2 now we can save billions of pounds and acres of environment so please sign this petition.

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