Rejected petition Karen Bradley should be sacked as Secretary of State for NI

Karen Bradley said that killings at the hands of the security forces were "not crimes".

She later clarified that "where there is evidence of wrongdoing, it should always be investigated".

Victims' families have called for the secretary of state to resign

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Karen Bradley’s incomprehension regarding Northern Ireland has met its match on the streets of Belfast, where people cannot comprehend how she got the job to run the place.

What mysterious currents flowing through Westminster, what enigmas of policymaking and riddles of Conservative party dynamics, they asked on Friday, could produce a secretary of state for Northern Ireland who knows nothing about Northern Ireland?

Karen Bradley admits ignorance of Northern Ireland politics
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“Hire someone for any job, you run them through things, make sure they know what’s what,” said Anthony Quinn, 55, a film location manager. “I hire a driver, I check he can drive. Give a 16-year-old a job packing shelves in Tesco, you make sure he can pack shelves.”

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