Rejected petition Delay Brexit for 3 months and hold a Referendum with an option to Remain.

The 2016 vote produced a small margin and that would certainly be eroded if the actual options and full details had been known. The vote was also tainted by illegal electoral activity and probable interference by a foreign power.

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2016 Options Remain or Leave. Real options; remain, leave but remain in the single market and/or the customs union or leave with no deal. These were not put to the electorate

2016 Referendum was 'advisory' but then Prime Minister stated the results would be implemented thereby changing the status to binding. The change in status prevented our courts from declaring the result as void due to illegally conducted campaigning. The Referendum should, therefore, be declared void as it lacked legal protection required for a Referendum.

Foreign interference: Russian Interference in political campaigns - UK Parliament website:

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