Rejected petition To sack all top/remainer parliamentary MP's and sign in a new Government.

On 23rd June 2016 we as a country (the whole of the UK) voted to stay or leave the EU. Unanimously the country voted to leave. But here we are, with less than a month to go and could still face the outcome of staying in the EU.

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Now as we approach the lead up to the 29th March 2019, our Government have dragged their heels over the verdict of Brexit (to leave the EU). And now things seem to have been left too late to sort out properly. Possibly even with a chance that we may not leave the EU later this month, I feel that this is unacceptable as we as a country unanimously voted to LEAVE the EU! The Leave vote was one of the biggest votes since 1975.
Leave means leave and not postpone, or lets have another referendum!

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It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.

The UK Government and Parliament aren't responsible for removing MPs from office because of their views or opinions.

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