Rejected petition Allow GCSE students to take in notes to exams (open book).

Due to the new GCSEs (removing open book examinations and reducing/excluding coursework), amounts of mental outbreaks has increased yet Michael Gove claimed that introducing the new GCSEs would “equip them to win in the global race.” Winning a global race requires us to be mentally stable!

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A student says “I have seen the mentally toughest people crack and it’s painful to watch. People crying over being unable to do a maths question. Is this what we want as a nation, to be put under this mental stress?”

Another writes “I have 10 different subjects and 28” says one 16-year-old from Greater Manchester. “They are a minimum of 75 minutes. Maths now has three papers, six science papers for dual award. Oh, and three geography papers. It is ridiculous.”

(An article from The Guardian)

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